February 8, 2015

Happy to break 90

Looking at the snow after watching golf in AZ all weekend keeps me looking forward to spring here in New York. I have owned the Divot Tutor for two seasons and as an average golfer, happy to break 90, I have improved my score and the enjoyment of the game by taking advantage of this tool that is the perfect self help device. Picking the ball off the fairway without a mark was my preferred shot...naturally no control, just happy if the shot went reasonably far and in the general direction of the pin. The Divot Tutor's goal of helping me come down and through on my shots is attainable. Even here in the Northeast where fairways are often bare and hard...the Tutor made me concentrate on the solid contact needed to control. A sturdy piece of equipment, that can be used anywhere with plastic balls or the real thing. Soon as this storm passes I taking the tutor out...give myself a refresher course...not just a divot, but great contact with the ball...better control and if I live long enough..just once I would love to get back spin. This thing works...best device I have ever tried.

Keith Christiansen, New York


November 9, 2014


A simple way to learn how to make solid contact with the ball.

James P. Lambert, California


September 25, 2013
Great Teaching Accessory
As a 30 year PGA Professional and teaching instructor I now incorporate this teaching aid in my golf instruction as a way to get my students, especially the beginning and higher handicap ones, to conceptualize and then practically execute the proper way to hit a golf ball. It really emphasizes the importance of the "down and through" technique so crucial in hitting solid golf shots!
PGA Teaching Professional,  New York

July 24, 2013

The Divot Tutor is a great training tool!

I have found the Divot Tutor to be a great training tool. I had a hard time understanding how to take a divot with my irons. I was always a a picker. After one lesson with the divot tutor I learned how to take a divot just like a pro. Now I hit the ball further and with greater accuracy and I also get great backspin. Give it a try.

James Gleason, California


July 9, 2013


An excellent product. Simple and very effective. A few days practice with this and divot problems are virtually eliminated. My favorite golf accessory in years.

Vic Polizos, California